Day 9 Inspiration

I cannot believe I am only nine days into this thing. It feels like a life time. Or maybe I’m just really really tired.

Let’s see….here’s something that should inspire anyone, especially writers.

stephen king's house

Stephen King’s house

I have a folder of beautiful landscape pictures that I cycle through for desktop backgrounds. You know the kind – views from the tops of mountains, waterfalls, geographical formations, stormy seas, whatever. This picture is tucked away in there, because every now and then I like to have a reminder that you can be so rich and so cool that you get to have a house with bats at the front gate because that’s just who you are.


Day 8 Inspiration

Today’s inspiration is something I saw on the bus home this afternoon.

I looked out the window into a back yard. A man in a suit was running across the yard chasing after his two little daughters. As I watched he grabbed up one and then the other in each arm, and they were all laughing and smiling. A woman sat near the house on the grass with a baby, holding it up as it laughed and bobbed up and down. They were all smiling at each other as the sun set. The bus turned the corner and I saw the front of the house – a sold sign at the front gate.

Day…7 Inspiration?

I missed a day because I was grumpy and I just. didn’t. wanna. you. can’t. make me.

I’m still feeling really grumpy and I need some time to be alone and process my thoughts, I’ll get there.

Tomorrow I have my first shift at my new job, working for QUT Precincts. I’m pretty excited, because I get to work at Old Government House.

Today’s inspiration is just a silly image macro that is probably kind of cliché but it’s a good reminder that I’m making good choices because they’re for ME.

you can do

Day 4 Inspiration

Today’s inspiration is two gifs that I posted on my tumblr recently and which I still am in love with.



I have been doing beginner’s ballet (for adults!) for about seven weeks now, and the way that these women are moving their feet is astonishing to me.
In the past I’ve done roller derby, muay thai, soccer, softball, cross country, weightlifting, swimming. I still run, lift, and swim, but I wanted to add something new to the mix this year, something completely not ‘me’.
I’ve always considered myself a really clumsy person, incapable of gracefulness, so I wanted to try ballet to challenge that assumption. So far, I’m still not convinced, and sometimes in class I feel like an absolute idiot with my feet going everywhere.

But slowly, slowly, I’m gaining an appreciation for the minutest movement of each muscle. I’m hyper aware of my posture, the way my feet are touching the ground, the amount of strength required just to stand still, on tip toes, without wobbling. Last week I learned how to pirouette. It’s still a bit of a disaster zone, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

Day 3 Inspiration

A super quick one tonight as I’ve spent all day studying and my brain is fried!



Here’s a picture I took leaning over the dry dock railing to try to get my phone to show the size of the HMAS Diamantina. I volunteer at the Queensland Maritime Museum on Saturdays, and the Diamantina is the biggest and best attraction. She is a River class frigate that is Australia’s largest war relic, and the only ship of that class to be preserved as a museum ship.
Any time I get a chance on Saturdays I love to go below deck and spend time in the mess cabins, or the boiler room, imagining what it would have been like to work on the ship at sea, in a storm. Another awesome thing to do is walk down the stairs of the dry dock where you can actually stand underneath her. It’s an excellent way to remind yourself of just how small and easily crushed you could be. There are actually little displays set up in almost every room of the Diamantina, and you could spend hours on just the ship, let alone the rest of the museum.
The museum gets very quiet and not a lot of people even know it’s there, so sometimes I get dejected that I’m volunteering for no reason, but then I get to go on board and I remember just how much I love it there, so it’s all worth it.

Day 2 Inspiration

Evening all!

After a long, frustrating day at uni, the last thing I wanted to do was to come home and write anything else, but two whiskeys later and I remembered my promise to inspire myself for thirty days so here I am.

Today I’ve chosen a picture about one of my favourite mysteries, from the Pinterest of my favourite podcast. Are you still with me?

Photo by Best DSC!

The picture is of the Flannan Isle Lighthouse, which sits at the highest point of Eilean Mòr in the Outer Hebrides chain of islands off Scotland. In 1900, the three lighthouse keepers disappeared under mysterious circumstances and their bodies, or the reason for their disappearance, were never found or solved.

To hear an excellent deconstruction of the mystery and the various theories, I recommend you listen to the Flannan Isle episode of the Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast – my favourite podcast! I listen to it on the bus home, while working out, almost any time I am doing something that means I can’t do anything else and need to feed my brain. It, along with The Brain Scoop, helped me realise what I want to work towards, and be studying and researching – history!

This particular mystery caught my attention a long time ago and it’s something I have been meaning to explore in some type of fictionalised account. In my head it ties in with how I feel about The Thing, The Shining, remote areas, and the idea of men going mad. Obviously, induced insanity probably has nothing to do with what really happened, but isn’t it just a cozy thought to fall asleep to?

You can find the Missed in History podcast via this link, and if you’re looking in particular for the Flannan Isle episode it is number 62. Or you could always take a quick shortcut and read the Wikipedia entry, but I highly recommend the podcast for a more imaginative and fun take.

30 Days of Inspiration

Hi faithful readers, I know you have missed me!
I’ve been MIA for about two months according to my last post, and it’s because I’ve been working some stuff out and making some decisions, and now I’m ready to work on putting them into action.

I’ve just started back at uni, in my second year of a Fine Arts degree, doing Creative Writing and a minor in Behavioural Science. Over the holidays I had a change of heart about the direction of my uni career and eventual big-girl career. I’ve decided that next semester I’m going to switch to a degree in anthropology and linguistics. Lots of reasons for this, but in a nutshell, I only want to write non-fiction, I only ever consume historical and anthropological information when I do read, and I’m not feeling challenged in my current degree. I’m going to finish this semester, because I still like learning, and I thought a few psychology subjects would switch it up and make things interesting for me, and then I’ll head over to UQ (if they’ll have me).

Problem is, I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated and like I’m in some kind of stasis, which is a feeling that comes up on me often. This is really corny, but I downloaded the Unstuck app on my new iPad and it gave me this cute idea for taking a photo or making an inspiration board every day for a month.

So that’s what I’m going to try for here!

To begin, the first thing that inspired me to make this change was Emily Graslie and The Brain Scoop. Emily is the Chief Curiosity Correspondent for the Chicago Field Museum, and has the most excellent YouTube channel full of her cutting up dead animals, answering Q & A’s, and peeking into the museum’s various collections.
The first video I ever watched was Zebra Bits, where Emily and Anna Goldman dissect and prepare a donated zebra. Not safe for work or the faint of heart.


I’m not into cutting up dead animals, but I kept watching more videos and learning about what happens behind the scenes at a museum, and the work that Emily does. Her enthusiasm hit a switch in my brain, connected a whole bunch of dots, making me see that all the things I liked were connected, all the ‘media’ I consume is the same, and particularly that everything I write is non-fiction or based on true stories. It’s what I’m most enthusiastic about and most confident writing.

So now, rather than feeling like a horrible writer because I just can’t be bothered writing fiction, I’m proud of my ability to write great non-fiction, and I’m looking forward to learning how to research properly as an anthropologist, then go off and write about everything I’ve learned.
I’ve started volunteering at the Queensland Maritime Museum on weekends, which is cool being around boats and learning about things that have never entered my brain or vocabulary before.

I hope you enjoyed my first inspiration post, in the coming days I plan to put up more photos, links, articles, and videos of things that are inspiring me to continue on my path.

FIRE Date!

As I’ve written in a previous post, I’m trying to put aside time with my boyfriend for one ‘date’ per week. I suppose this would be 2014′s third official date, if I’m going to be sticking to the idea of 52 dates with one per week. I decided to build a fire pit in the back yard and cook dinner on it in the evening. And miraculously unlike me, everything turned out perfectly!



I used an old pot for the fire pit, lined with aluminium foil, and charcoal BBQ bricks and wood, plus an old oven tray for the grill plate.

Fire pit

Fire pit

I spent a while looking up recipes for stuff you can cook in a foil bag, plus how to keep a relatively smokeless fire so you won’t annoy your neighbours, and of course, whether it was actually legal to start a fire in my back yard. I ended up using this recipe for pork chops, except I made it with maple syrup and barbecue sauce and it was delicious and amazing and it wasn’t overcooked or undercooked even though I had no idea what I was doing.

Dinner - mmm appetizing.

Dinner – mmm appetizing.

We played chess and slapped at mosquitoes while waiting for dinner to cook.


And for dessert we had toasted marshmallows. I also tried to make smores for the first time, which as far as I can tell from the internet is just toasted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate biscuits, or a biscuit and a piece of chocolate. They were very messy and dripped and melted everywhere. Luckily I decided to wear a giant maxi skirt, which serves dual purpose as a giant napkin.

Napkin skirt

Napkin skirt

Also at the end of the date we still like each other, so, that’s also a plus. A+ date, would date again.